EDGE3 Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end Vision AI in-cabin monitoring solutions and products for the transportation, automotive and logistics industries. EDGE3’s awardwinning solutions improve the safety of Mining fleets, consumer automobiles, commercial fleets, and public transit systems. With a focus on comprehensive AI-based in-cabin monitoring solutions for all vehicle segments, including autonomous vehicles, EDGE3 develops solutions to monitor drivers, occupants as well as various personal items left behind. EDGE3 Technologies’ products include:

  • Realtime driver behavior monitoring for drowsiness/distracted driving detection.
  • Market-first behavior analytics cloud AI that can analyze 1000s of hours of raw video
    footage per week, comprised of millions of images to automatically pinpoint driver
    infractions without the need for tedious manual analysis.
  • Consumer automotive vehicle-driver handoff at Level-3 autonomy via driver behavior
    monitoring, and
  • Another market first and award-winning product (CES 2018) for detection of children
    left behind in vehicles, detecting movements as minute as heartbeats to quickly alert
    parents and vehicle owners.

EDGE3 has an IP portfolio of over 150 awarded and pending US and International patents in
the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computational Stereography, Structured
Light, Time-of-Flight, Ambient sensing, Organic sensors, and the Internet of Things.