Whittle Consulting (WCPL) is a group of highly experienced industry experts, who are passionate about adding value to their clients’ businesses. With technical expertise in a range of disciplines including geology, mining engineering, metallurgy, research, mathematics, computing, finance, operational/financial modelling and analysis, Whittle Consulting have a thorough appreciation of practical, organisational and contextual reality. As experts in embracing and harnessing complexity, Whittle Consulting is not bound by traditional thinking. By challenging existing paradigms and conventional wisdom, the real potential of a mining business is revealed.

Whittle Consulting has demonstrated repeatedly (in over 150 Enterprise Optimisation studies) that the comprehensive application of the “Integrated Strategic Planning” approach and the Money Mining concepts can yield improvements in Net Present Value (NPV) of 5% – 35% or substantially more in any mine, even when a number of conventional optimisation techniques have already been applied.